Monday, July 11, 2016

Quick Ab and Glute Workout

It's super easy to get caught up in our daily "To Do" lists.  EVERYTHING is important.  And most everything should've been done yesterday, right?!?!

Here is a super quick ab and glute exercise that can be done during commercials if you have a break to watch some TV or can be done really quickly before or after work.  

If this is the only component of a workout that you have time to do, I recommend adding more repetitions to each leg (side) as you and your body get stronger.  If you are still developing core strength and balance, or this is your first time implementing a workout like this, don't add the arm extension; just focus on proper form and proper extension of your leg.

1.  Position yourself on all fours on the floor.  Hands flat on the floor, positioned directly below your shoulders and fully extended (like you are doing a push up).  Knees should be planted on the floor at a 90 degree angle; knees should be positioned directly under your hips so that you have a straight, vertical line from the hip straight to the floor where your knee is making contact.
2. (Beginners) Lift RIGHT leg up and fully extend your leg to the back of the room, make sure that your hips/pelvis stay rotated towards the floor (do not allow them to twist/face the wall as your leg extends).  Make sure that foot/toes are not pointed but that your heel is "pushing" towards the back of the room.  Hands will stay on the floor.  Bring the RIGHT knee back into your body and crunch it towards your right elbow.  For extra challenge, you can cross the knee over toward the left elbow or even touch your knee to either elbow.  Repeat the leg extension 10 times on the RIGHT side.  Once completed on the RIGHT, do 10 repetitions of the same exercise on the LEFT leg.
(Intermediate/Advanced)  As you extend the RIGHT leg, also extend the LEFT arm fully in front on you as you complete each repetition, bring the elbow to the knee at the abdomen and repeat the rep 10 times on each leg/side.  This will strengthen your core, your balance, and also your glute muscles.

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