Wednesday, February 8, 2017

3 Reasons to Ditch the Scale

I remember times in my life when I felt the "need" to step on the scale. However, as I've gotten older and away from some of the expectations society places on body image, the scale has less of an influence on me than ever before.

My motto is, "Live healthy, be healthy."  Keeping in mind that health and being fit comes in all shapes, sizes, heights, and affects each of us internally and externally.

I recently had a challenger in one of my health and fitness accountability groups share a photo of her literally ditching her scale into her trash can! What a huge step this can be for many that are consumed by the number on the dial!

Here are 3 reasons why we should ditch the scale (or least commit to only weighing ourselves once or twice a month):

1.  The scale can consume us in our goals to be healthier.  When we think only the number on the scale is what determines our health and that number isn't moving in the direction we THINK it should, then the scale is inhibiting our progress.  We tend to give up more quickly on our goals and/or resort to a negative emotional fulfillment to fit our needs.

2.  The scale can sometimes determine our personal self-worth.  If we are watching that number fluctuate once (or more) times per day to tell us whether or not we are on the right track, it can and WILL influence how we feel about ourselves at any given moment.  Our bodies can fluctuate 2-5 pounds or more on any given day depending on our food choices, our hormones, stress levels, etc.  We are AWESOME no matter what that scale indicates!!

3.  The scale can influence our happiness.  Why should we allow something that has no soul or personality influence how our day is going to go?  No matter if the scale is electronic or an old fashioned dial, it shouldn't be the first thing we look at in the morning or the last thing we visit before bed.  We can't give the scale the power over us.  Rely, instead, on how we are feeling as we are working within and towards our goals. The non-scale victories will far outweigh (pun intended) whatever that number is showing on the scales.

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