Friday, February 24, 2017

Sidekicks Aren't Just An Appetizer

I was raised on the farm, the only girl in my family.  What that meant to me was that my job was to help my mom around the house while my brothers helped on the farm.

Not that I didn't enjoy helping my mom.  I learned how to keep a house, she never made me clean the toilets (so I had to learn that one), and I learned how to cook (even though she says I was never around to learn that part).  However, there were several things about the farm that looked interesting and I was certainly curious.

My memories are still quite strong of my dad picking me up from pre-school (and probably even from half day kindergarten), bringing me home and loading me onto the tractor - the John Deere 4020 that he bought as his first tractor.  He balanced me between his knees on the hot manifold all while planting the field in his opened cabbed tractor.

I still can feel the dust and wind even from the slow speed of the tractor.  I won't ever trade those memories for anything.

Now, with my own Little Farmer around, I'm proud to say that he is easily the 4th generation into the farm family business...I'm hopeful we will be able to pass the farm to him when we are ready to move on.

The farm teaches us so much, if we allow it.

Opportunities to bond with a parent/parents that we may not have otherwise.

There's nothing wrong with learning by experiencing, and while supervising...

Learning "tools of the trade" that we can't get from any well written book.

Don't worry, The Farmer was sitting right next to him in the Buddy Seat, guiding him along the way...

First hand experiences, up close and personal with nature.

He's seen The Farmer get out of the tractor to check seed depth all across the field at planting time...

Being a part of growth in a local community and how to be something bigger than ourselves.

Share a passion with someone you love.

Create business opportunities for other family members, even if it requires us to be a little more creative than in most traditional businesses.

We learn to be aware of everything nearly 24/7, 365. (I can say this part, because we don't have livestock that requires us to be alert 24/7, 365).

Even though our farm is what we've always known, it IS our business. Lots of tradition with lots of new modernizations and technology added in along the way to allow us to keep things more than operational so that the 4th generation "Sidekick" can one day become a partner in the business.

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