Thursday, May 25, 2017

What Happens When Plans Derail?

Have you ever found yourself making a New Year's Resolution on every January 1st to get healthy, healthier, or to start working out?  You make the pact in your head (maybe even say it out loud), "This is the year that things are going to go right and I am going to do better for myself".  Then 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months in you find your plans to get healthier and start working out get thrown off track and all your resolutions are derailed. It's always easy to quit or keep putting off a new start date to get oneself back on track.  Sometimes we do nothing.  Sometimes we have no choice other than to move forward, recommit and start fresh.

That's how this year's planting season has been for us.  We've had some really weird seasonal things happening the last couple years.  In 2015, we had so much rain that we weren't able to plant all of our farm acres (like 500 acres - that's a big deal when the farm is your paycheck for the following year).  This year is starting to look very similar.  We've had a really rainy, cold spring.  We've planted 25% of our acres...once.  After a few weeks hiatus from the rain, we got a chance to plant another 25% AND replant some of the FIRST 25% that was planted a few weeks earlier because the soil was too wet and too cold for the seeds to grow.

From the time the seeds are planted to the time they start to grow is typically not very much time (if conditions are right, maybe in about 4 days we would see plants popping through the ground).  This isn't happening this year; the conditions just haven't been right.  However, the seeds ARE spending lots of time and energy to try to grow.  So much so they've been in the ground so long and have stayed under the top layer of soil for so long they don't have the energy to push through the soil and reach for the sun.  What's this mean? We need to start the journey of new seeds over.  Re-till the ground, if necessary to get rid of the existing plants so we don't have a harvesting mess in the fall.  Then re-plant new seeds to give a fresh start to the process.

It's no different than rebooting our bodies after we've fallen off track from a health, nutrition, and fitness plan that was really important at one time. Like the seed, we can always wait around for another 2 or 3 weeks to see what happens.  The longer we wait, the more difficult it is to start new and give ourselves a fresh chance at a great journey.  We are running out of time to get much of our crop in the ground and still be able to optimize yield potential.  With continued rocky weather forecasts, it is most certainly discouraging.

Our plans often can go astray in life.  Many obstacles throw those plans for a loop.  Mother Nature sure has a funny way of expressing her abilities to keep us on our toes!  Instead of turning our backs on the opportunities that we may have, we all have to make the choice to keep moving forward.  It may take us a while to get everything planted.  Just as it may take a while to find a groove in a personal health and fitness plan. If either of us quit, we essentially have NOTHING.  On the other hand, if we just TRY - maybe it takes us a couple of tries to get it better, or get it right, then we at least have a chance to try to succeed with our goals.

Some of the best things come from some of our biggest challenges.  If we're on a health and fitness journey, we've got to get ourselves back on track and keep trying.  Just as we are going to do when the fields dry out again.  We will get the planter and tractor operating again and moving forward and let the outcome be what it will be, knowing that we at least tried our very best.

30 seconds jumping jacks (this is your cardio)
30 seconds squats (this is your butt workout)
30 seconds wall sit (this is to strengthen not only your body, but your mind)
30 seconds plank (if this is new to you, start on your knees and build into holding on your toes)

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